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  • Hello,

    It would be really really nice if we could have a few more informations on the API.
    For exemple : the number of topic created or total number of user.
    Thoses informations are on /api/admin but we can't get that for our users with JS.

    Is this possible to add that ?
    Or is it already possible to get thoses kind of informations without administration right ?

    Thanks for your time,

  • What you're looking for is implemented in the widget "forum stats", in which you can view the number of posts and number of topics on any page. I'm not a plugin developer (read: javascript noob 8)), but I think it's respectively easy to get this done in a similar fashion.

    I'd recommend looking up the way the module "nodebb-widget-essentials" deals with this. I assume it's easy to API'ify this.

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