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  • My home forum, The Daily WTF, just recently pulled the updates for notification sounds. One thing that bothered me about the default behavior of those sounds was that they're on by default, but the profile page (in Chrome latest on Windows 10, at least) defaults to blank values in the sound drop down boxes, so it makes it very difficult to determine what the right method for disabling the sounds is.

    I would like to see one of the following changes made to the notification sounds settings (in decreasing order of preference):

    1. Default to sounds off, especially on an upgrade for existing users
    2. Add a checkbox next to each sound option in the Notification & Sounds setting to indicate whether the sounds are enabled or not. Or, at least put in a "disable all sounds" (or "enable sounds") checkbox that controls sounds globally.
    3. Fix the profile page so that the notifications & sounds section actually shows a selected sound when you first navigate after the default settings are applied. Preferably also change the blank option (that disables the sound) so that it shows text like "Sound disabled".
  • Those all sound like legitimate pain points to me. Perhaps I will look into this tomorrow...

    No guarantees, but if I don't respond again in a day, ping me ๐Ÿ˜„

  • @julian As per your request, here's the ping. Judging by the comments in the thread that popped up for this on our forums, the consensus is pretty heavily toward not defaulting to on for the notification sounds.

  • Should fix all the issues I think. Update persona and vanilla themes as well.

  • Much thanks, our admin just pulled the update and the settings page looks much better now.

  • Yay @baris, picking up where I left off ๐Ÿ˜„

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