How can I add an image in the "formatting" bar?

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    I would like to add a new field to the topic submission form

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    For example, if I went to my user profile, I would be able to see a list of activities performed myself, being able to make status updates etc. Is there a plugin that does already ties a set of table of records to a userid that I could study?

    Otherwise, is it actually possible to do it on nodebb as a plugin? Tks!

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    @akumbhare In that case, you're probably missing this line in your nginx config:

    proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;

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    @baris said:

    If you don't mind getting your hands dirty you can modify core and change PostTools.parse

    me -> 😨

    I was thinking to extract the topic id from data.url and pass it back to the plugin backend to store, and then limit my plugin to one instance per topic for now. But I think that would be even worst, and when 0.6.0 arrives I would have to fix it anyways.

    I am a bit scared to touch the core stuff, but I may give your suggestion a try since it is less hacky, and better long term solution.

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    @DanaGriffin said:

    As the title suggest, I am trying to allow my users to upload documents on the forum. Are there any plugins to do so, or is this something I will have to implement myself? Thanks for your patience.

    You could allow local uploading and specify a file size, go to Settings > Post > Tick Allow Users to Upload Regular Files, then adjust the file size from the default 2mb to whatever you feel you need.

    This will give you a new icon on the composer. I've just tested it with a pdf and it works fine.