Is it possibile create a topic in the future?

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  • Is it possibile create a topic automatically in the future with a timestamp ? Anyone can help me?

  • Yes, you can pass a timestamp in the future to the method.

  • @baris I suppose that I'm wroing something because the topic is not created in the future. In my plugin.json I use this hook:

    { "hook": "", "method": "modificaPost" }

    In my library.js I do this:

    converter.modificaPost = function(data, callback) {
    	console.log("DATA " + JSON.stringify(data));
    	//I Take the timestamp from database and you can suppose that it is correct because I check ten times.
    		function(next) {
    //take the timestamp relative to user
    		db.getObject(hash + ":uid:" + data.uid, next);
    		function(timestamp, next) {
    		var timestamp_nuovo = timestamp.timestamp;
    			data.timestamp = timestamp.timestamp;, next);
    	], function(err) {
    		if (err) {
    			//return callback(err);
    	console.log("DATA NUOVA " + JSON.stringify(data));
    		return callback(null, data);

    Anyone can help me?

  • @Doppy is triggered after the topic is created. You will want to listen to filter:topic.create and change the timestamp in the data passed to the hook.

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