[nodebb-plugin-featured-topics-extended] Feature Topics in a News/Blog page and Widgets.

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    Can this act like a newsfeed?

    Not currently.

    Who can add to the featured topic?

    Currently only Admins, but this will change when I add multiple feature lists and personal feature lists.

    how long will the topic be consider new?

    There's no expiration currently.

    Instead of pages, can you set this up to scroll and autoload every 5-10 items?

    I personally don't like infinite scroll, but if enough people want it, I can add it.

    Can you also set to follow user permissions?

    It currently should obey the user's view permissions. There will be added permissions once multiple lists are added.

  • @yariplus The permission is being ignore on display but clicking continue reading is following permission.

  • @yariplus All offline users on featured topic are showing online.

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    The permission is being ignore on display but clicking continue reading is following permission.

    Thanks, should be fixed now.

    All offline users on featured topic are showing online.

    I believe this is a problem with core. I sent a PR to fix.

  • @yariplus When nodebb-plugin-lightbox is activated the pictures on the feature topic are showing in full size, the rest of pictures on the forum does not have this issue.

    Also some profile pictures are going pass the box (even with lightbox disabled).

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    @evoixmr Not 100% sure, but I think it should be good now. lmk.

  • @yariplus It worked, The ones with profile picture are showing online/offline correctly.

  • @yariplus Everytime the page is refresh the latest featured topic increases 1 count. It only does this for the most recent.

  • @yariplus Can you look at the view count issue?

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    @evoixmr This is intentional. I will be adding an option to turn it off or on for all topics, for the next update.

  • @yariplus Is there a way to customize the style of the news page to match the rest of the forum theme? It doesn't look like there's anywhere for me to input styles when I select "Custom" for the template when I'm on the plugins page in the ACP.

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    @mxngyn Hello,

    Are you looking for a form to edit styles? Normally, you would use the custom CSS section of the ACP to add styles. If you have an example site I can help you with CSS rules. A form may be added in the future, but for now you should use custom CSS rules.

    As for the custom template option, it's not particularly useful unless you know the template variables. Honestly, that was just me messing with using the ace editor as a config value. It may be more useful at some point but for now I would leave it on Porta.

  • @yariplus Thanks for your quick reply! I guess I must've misread the documentation. I've tested out customizing it in the Custom CSS section and it works for me. Thanks again :)!

  • @yariplus The width of the plugin look real slim on 1.3. The header is at 100% width but the content is not.

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    I have a rather large update coming, should be done by tomorrow.

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    v0.2.0 Changes!

    Featured Topics are now added to Topic Lists. The /featured page is used to add, remove, and manage lists. Admin and Global Mods can use the /featured page. The /news page now uses the unremovable News topic list. Old featured topics should be automatically moved to this list.

    Widgets can use any Topic List. Widgets can now be set to use specific topics within a list rather than the most recent section of the whole list.

    The News widget was added. The news widget displays a topic list using one of the news templates, but without a paginator. Using the specific topics option, for example, will allow you to set some topics as "pinned" on any page.

    Users can now create featured topics lists as well. Users feature topics by using the post tools menu on the first post of a topic. The routes /user/slug/featured and /user/slug/blog were added to the user profile menu. /featured allows users to manage their lists, while /blog is a public route where topics from their Blog list are displayed.

    nbb 1.3.0 and up required

  • @yariplus Just updated, the old featured list did not move over but I'm fine with that. Thank you.

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    @evoixmr Sorry about that. The import worked for me, not sure what could have happened...

  • Just updated while moving to 1.4.0, everything works just a small theme issue
    Porta shows "Invalid Date" next to the username, fixed it with a custom theme for now

  • @yariplus Thanks for this great plugin. I have an idea, but I don't know if it will work. Could you give your thoughts on this?

    Goal: Lists topics lists that include a thumbnail picture, snippet of text, topic author, topic date, number of comments.

    Most of this can easily be done. The only thing in question is making the thumbnail. I thought of the following process:

    Step 1: Topics always start with an imgur url image file
    Step 2: That imgur url is then pulled out of the topic content using regular expressions and resized using this plugin https://community.nodebb.org/topic/2677/nodebb-plugin-image-sizer-image-resizing (this is done within a custom template inside featured topics extended). This would allow anyone to control the image shape - it could be a square, wide rectangle, tall rectangle, etc

    Does this make sense? Do you think this is doable?

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