Best way of forking a plugin?

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  • Hello everyone, I urgently need a fix to facebook/twitter/google-sso. They're broken for invite only/registration queue settings.

    It's fairly straightforward to see the bug (the code for different behaviour on registration settings is in the registration page itself, not in the "user.create" function).

    I don't even need the full fix since I'm using the admin-only invite so I was thinking of forking these three plugins. But then it seems I'll lose the entire plugin update infrastructure within the admin pages.

    What's the best way of handling it? I haven't even started on any plugin dev yet so I don't know how to set things up honestly. Suggestions?

  • Hey there! Thanks for investigating a fix 😄

    You can fork the plugin on the GitHub pages, and when you are ready you can submit a pull request to merge those changes back into the upstream repository. Then your work can be shared to everybody!

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