How can I adjust the default Reputation awarded for an upvote?

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  • The default installation gives a user 1 reputation per upvote. How could I change the source code to give them say 10 reputation per upvote?

    I am going through the source code myself now and will post here if I can figure it out.

    Appreciate everyone's help.

  • @Michael-Kehoe you can have a look to the code of this plugin:

    Here we play with the reputation value (upvotes and downvotes) and change their weight. It can help you do want you want or even fit your needs.

  • @jarey thanks for pointing out that plugin. I had misinterpreted it's functionality before. When I saw "Max upvote weigh (points)" I assumed you could only use that configuration to scale the upvote-to-reputation ratio based on the reputation of the user doing the voting.

    For others that run into a similar issue. Using the plugin Jarey pointed out, if you'd like to make 1 upvote = 10 reputation I was able to do that by setting:

    Max upvote weigh (points) = 9

    Since the default weight is 1 upvote = 1 reputation, and this plug in then adds the additional 9 reputation.

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