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  • An anti-spam feature that's available on WP allows the site admin to configure WP to hold a comment that has a certain number of links for moderation. It'd be nice to have the same feature in NodeBB, so that is, say, a post has more than 1 link, it is held for moderation, who gets notified by email.

    Doable at this stage?

  • Yeah an auto-moderator plugin would be a superb addition and anyone who makes shall get all the cookies in the land.

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    @gwen said in Disable Akismet spam check for moderators and admins:

    At this time NodeBB blocks all moderators, super moderators and admins to edit a post if a post was flagged as spam by Akismet.

    I need a option to disable the spam check for users with moderator rights.

    Im affraid it has nothing to do with nodeBB. Try reporting this directly to Akismet.

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    Does it look like there could be a plugin to support this in future? Having 10s of emails on every topic everyday can get overwhelming.

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    As I wrote before, this feature will be very nice (can't understand why it doesn't exist on the core already), and helpful to have.

    I am referring to a feature that will allow replies (either a reply or quote reply) to a comment within a topic, to link back to the comment/quoted comment.

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    Still waiting for documentation upstream, because the process to implement plugins for Remarkable seems quite convoluted at first glance... jonschlinkert/remarkable#48

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    @Jacob-Bridges no problem buddy, I've used it myself on occasion, so can't claim to be as highly philosophical as I make out. But i don't believe developers/designers should be forcing non default browser options like target attributes on users. then again, people have argued about it for years, so it's not going to be definitively resolved anytime soon. 😆

    Let us know if we can be of any more help, NodeBB are currently hosting a competition, if you're looking at writing plugins, you've joined at a great time. 😆