Windows Server 2012 Problem (AGAIN)

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    Hi all, what version did you downgrade from? The newest is likely for v3 of NodeBB only

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    Hi Devs,

    I am running the latest nodebb master, and updated to the latest redactor-composer.

    I tried to upload a file using redactor, but it did not work, and no error message was posted. With further digging I found that the file was too big (higher than the predefined value in the admin page).
    Is there a way to catch and display errors from nodebb callback routed into the Redactor plugin?

    Minor issue, I see that when @media width>1000 Redactor is full page, but the topic title placeholder disappears. Further research identified that the div above it has "display = flex". Unsettling that brings back the title placeholder.


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    @svetlana It looks like it is a problem of either v1.0 itself or incompatible plugins. I reverted openshift-nodebb README to 0.9.x. You can try fresh install with 0.9.x, and later, when things cool down a bit and plugins are updated, you can update to 1.0.

    AFAIK you can have up to 3 "servers" on OpenShift for free. And since you already know the drill, it should be easy to make another instance of NodeBB just for testing :).

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    according to their scraped info they have the correct og:title but don't display it, might be because of the arabic(?) characters
    here is a debug of this site and it works fine

    edit: you might have to set opengraph locale with

    <meta property="og:locale" content="ar_AR" />

    you can just add this on your admin page under appearance > custom html & css > custom header

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    How much memory does the local installation running on redis consumes?