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    First of all, congrats for this fantastic piece of software, it looks awesome. I'm thinking about migrating my "community" infrastructure to "something" more... modern... fancy... ¿?, hard to explain, in summary a generational jump.

    So, what I need but I'm not sure if nodebb will be able to provide. I've been using SMF for years and one of the useful things it has is the ssi.php, a simple mechanism which, on "require" (include) provides you with a variable with all the data of the current logged in user. even if forum is something like /forum/ and you develop your application (for example) in /polls/.

    The community is centered on that behavior, when you create a poll if stores your forum id, because of the ssi.php. So I left the user management to the forum and develop extra applications around it.

    Would it be possible to easily emulate this behavior in nodebb?


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    @Octal this may be what you are looking for...


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    Yes, every route has an api route which return json for all information attached.

    Just add /api to the begining of any route.


    However plugins such as poll may not always emulate this behavior for all of their features.

  • Yes, thats what I've seen before, but, excuse me if I'm not understanding it well. with nodebb's /api you can easily get data from the forum in the browser (front end), but what I meant is a backend feature, like, when a poll (silly example, I know) is created (post request) store in the database the username, userid, body etc... of the user who is creating it, where the user information was provided directly from the forum and it ensures the authenticity of the session.

    ps: sorry for the english level, is also a bit late.

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