Unsolved Sending test email ok, but can not receive any email

  • Hi, i sent test email in local dev environment (nodebb1.1.0 + mac + nginx + mongodb + LAN), and i can receive the testing email.

    But in another dev environment (nodebb1.1.0 + centos6.5 + nginx + mongodb + WAN), i do the SEND TEST EMAIL in ACP - SETTING - EMAIL, prompting Success, but i can not receive any email.

    Have anybody met this problem before ? and how to make it work ?

    Many thanks~~ 😺

  • Community Rep

    I have. For me it was gmail not accepting SendMail from some sources. A good test for this is to setup an email plugin such as MailGun and see if the message is received successfully.

  • @yariplus ok, i will have a try with it , thanks~

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