Empty categories after removing user from Global Moderators

  • So I had 4 non-admin users in the Global Moderators group. Then:
    1 - Removed them from the group.
    2 - Created a group named "Moderators".
    3 - Added the 4 non-admin users there.
    4 - Logged with one of these 4 users and noticed I couldn't view any Categories. Tried to access the URL and got this error:
    5 - Went to ACP > Manage > Categories and for the "General Discussion" category, I added the new "Moderators" group.
    6 - Logged again with the non-admin account and noticed the "General Discussion" category was showing, but not the rest.
    7 - Got pissed because I didn't want to click in each category and add the new "Moderators" group.
    8 - Deleted Moderators group
    9 - Logged with non-admin and now it can't view any threads.
    10 - Re-added 1 non-admin account to Global Moderators and I could view again the threads.
    11 - Removed the non-admin account and everything went blank again:
    Did I mess the privileges? It seems as if the non-admin accounts got removed from the system group registered-users. I logged with another non-admin account which wasn't in the Global Moderators and I could view the categories normally, so I suppose it only affected those 4 users.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?


  • I think the problem has something to do with old accounts becoming Global Moderators. This is my DB with 261 registered users after querying {_key: /group:registered-users:members/}:


    For those 4 Global Moderators:
    3 of them have UIDs > 213
    1 of them has UID = 2

    The one with UID = 2 is the non-admin account that I was using to test in my previous post. I then made another newly created account a Global Moderator, kicked him from the group and the categories appeared just fine.

    I've been upgrading my database since NodeBB 0.7.0 and I'm starting to believe that the issue is due to some conflict with old accounts. In any case, I will do some more testing to confirm my theory. I will ask one of my moderators (UID > 213) to login and see if he can see the categories or not.

  • I asked one of my moderators with UID > 213 and he was seeing the categories just fine, even after removing him from Global Moderators. Only my moderator account with UID = 2 that is experiencing this issue.

    With that said, I suppose it's definitely a DB upgrade conflict.

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