why do i see the deleted topic :(

  • @pichalite said in why do i see the deleted topic 😞:

    @HolyPhoenix that will create confusion.

    The navigator in the header will be out of sync with topics/posts displayed on page.

    If you are using pagination and set it to, say 20 per page and the page only displays 17 as the display:none is set for deleted posts. That will create confusion.

    There must be a way for pagination to know a deleted topic (not yet purged) still exist and retain the count, no? I don't know how it works so just guessing.

  • @charles as julian pointed out...

    The reason behind this behaviour is that >when we pull the list of topics, we don't >know ahead of time which are deleted and >which aren't.

    And subsequently, even code is applied to process the topics frm the list after they have been loaded again and again till the appropriate list is compiled, that too per page, it will eat up lots of resources and will be too complicated.

    I think focus should be on how to show the deleted topic in a way that it has least hinderance to scrolling.. @julian will it be possible to hide the user pic of deleted posts ? And also this topic has been deleted in smaller fonts? Not a great alternative but a blank space would atleast look better imo...

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    Hmmm... Had not thought of that for sure when I mentioned the css idea. I'm no master of nodebb, but it would also seem possible to do an easy (light) calculation like Total Post Count - Deleted Post Count for loading that though.

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    @HolyPhoenix refer to julian's post above... it's not an easy calculation otherwise it would have been done already.

  • What is the reason why the thread controller does not query only the posts that are 'alive', i mean, the posts that are not deleted, so the pagination is only made at active posts instead of the whole set of posts?

    In mongo you could make that query and it is a simple and fast condition, is it a restriction of using redis?

    Edit: I mean something like this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19285804/use-where-clause-in-redis-to-query-value (i dont know redis at all, so forget it if it is a nonsense given the nodebb persistence layer).

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    It's possible to maintain another sorted list of only undeleted posts so that only undeleted posts are queried when a user can't see deleted posts.

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    Hiding the posts on the client side via css and re-calculating the count is still not as good UX as showing the deleted posts (of course, this is subjective), as the expectation is that when you load a page, you get a page of 20 posts (or whatever you set it to).

    When page 1 has 20 posts, and loading page two only nets you 2 posts, that's kind of a "wtf" moment.

    @pitaj's suggestion has merit, though it would mean we would have to account for an additional sorted set when creating/purging posts/topics, so that's a bit of extra data. Might be worth it though.

    Ping @baris to poke holes in this theory 😛

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    Sounds like a great idea to me. Echoing @julian's sentiment, let's get the expert @baris on this thread 😛

  • @julian @baris @psychobunny

    A user in our forum reported the below feedback to me, and I agreed that this is really ugly and hurt user experience:

    I just viewed a topic without being logged in and I saw a post I deleted still showing up, with the body "This post is deleted!". I think that's rather ugly and that deleted posts should only be visible to the author and admins.

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