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  • Hi All! On our instance of nodeBB (v1.0.3) we are getting a notification count of 1 for every user at login when they do not have any notifications. Clicking on the bell icon to check your notifications does not show any. Hitting mark all notifications read will clear the count, but this phantom notification will return at next login.

    I've tried deactivating and activating select plugins to try to isolate it, but haven't succeeded in nailing it down. Does this issue sound familiar to anyone? I saw a similar thread on it that was dated back to 2 years ago, but couldn't find anything else close to it.

  • GNU/Linux

    Hm, that's quite weird... I know there's some logic in NodeBB that will hide notifications if they do not have a path, though I can't fathom why the notification would re-appear!

    Can you let me know the output of: db.objects.find({ _key: "uid:1:notifications:unread" }); (assuming you're using MongoDB)?

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