Error when I try to use systemctl on Centos in a VPS

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  • NodeBB Upgrade Error

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    No, I did not. It worked after I did so. Somehow I missed that obvious section...

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    @baris said in plugins.browsingUsers.getBrowsingUsers error:

    @crazycells Yeah it could be since each topic page calls the browsing users plugin. Give it a try with fewer tabs if it stops happening that's probably why.

    Thanks a lot 👍

  • Rebuild error

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    This is when you rebuild from the ACP, right? What if you just rebuild with ./nodebb build

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    Another thing ..

    If the option Enable authentication via JSON Web Tokens is checked in the admin panel of the Write API, the request to /v1/users/:uid/tokens with password in the content body never gets hit, so it's not possible to choose between the two.

    So either

    uncheck authentication via JSON Web Tokens and use password based request for tokens or .. configure JSON Web Token Secret to request tokens and forget about password based generation.

    It doesn't say anything about it in the API's documentation

    POST /:uid/tokens
    Creates a new user token for the passed in uid
    Accepts: No parameters normally, will accept password in lieu of Bearer token
    Can be called with an active token for that user
    This is the only route that will allow you to pass in password in the request body. Generate a new token and then use
    the token in subsequent calls.
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    @baris That does seem to have worked! Thanks!