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    I have a forum with directories with no option to subscribe
    Is it possible to let guests vote for posts like 'liked' or 'disliked'

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    On one of the NodeBB communites I'm active on, I've blocked a user with the personal Block User option. After that block, I've had a pretty poor experience with entering threads through clicking on a notification and also with the auto-refresh after adding a post to a thread.

    Our forum's current NodeBB version is: 1.14.3

    When clicking on a notification (e.g. for upvotes or a reply/mention), I often get thrown into the thread with the post being notified for not even in the viewport, and the post referenced by the notification is not showing as highlighted by the time I find it. When auto-refreshing after posting to the thread, instead of the auto-refresh scrolling to the post I just made like I expect, I'm thrown back several posts, often to the point where even the post I was replying to doesn't appear on screen. I'm experiencing similar problems both in desktop mode (Windows 10 / Chrome latest stable) and on mobile (iOS / Safari)

    I suspect that most of the times I'm having problems, the blocked poster is the most current poster in the thread at the time I click the notification / post a reply (he's a very prolific poster), but I haven't really experimented with turning block on/off to verify that.

    I've also noticed that there's some weirdness in thread sorting as a result of the block (thread sorting on /recent, which is my default view, seems to sort based on the time of the actual last post, not the time of the last post I can "see"), but I can imagine that's probably more effort to fix than the value would justify.

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    Not at the moment without a custom plugin.

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    Thanks mate...

    I had a bit of a play with it.... Works as advertised... Great plugin.

    I'd love the ability to share a copy of the assets folder somehow as well tho. But I know this wouldn't be very safe.