Integrate nodeBB into existing node.js application

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  • I have tried to search for a solution to this problem, but haven't been able to find anyone, so maybe it's not possible.

    My current application is a node.js with an Angular2 frontend, where I would like to use nodeBB as a place where registrered user can discuss different topics. It's imporant that no guest is allowed to see anything. I have member registration in my current site, but I can login/register members with OAuth with this plugin:

    I have sat all categories to private, and sat the registration type to: "No registration".

    So far so good.

    I have an existing website where I have a topbar, footer and a left sidebar:

    I would like to show nodeBB in the main content area, as I understand this should be possible from the Extend Widgets menu, where I can define a custom header, footer and sidebar. The only problem is that, I have nodeBB to run on a different domain, is it possible to have nodeBB to run directly in my current node.js application?

    I know this is probably not possible, but I had to ask :).

    Is the road I have taken the right one, or is there a better way so solve my problems?

    I really like this awesome forum tool!! 😍

  • You would need to edit the theme, to change the widget areas and sizes. The current widget system isn't advanced enough to do that alone. Also, the widgets currently reload every page change, which will look strange if widget content doesn't. But overall, it would work.

    I would ditch the widgets and use a theme with that as the main layout. Then if you need to change the side bar, you can use some simple js to change it when a particular page is loading. Of course, this would not work if you are planning to use a lot of the existing widgets.

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