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  • In ACP-> General> Home Page
    shows only one choice to display on the home page,

    I want more than one for example : Hot Thread (daily/weekly/monthly) , Recent Topic,
    Categories, Recent Rewarded User , or Recent Registered user ,Top User (weekly,monthly,all time) , or place for other html or script that can added by admin.

    I've searched the plugin in forum comunity, but i confused what should i use. And how to used it. 😞 😢

    Anyone can help me please.

    • FYI, i'm tottaly new in Node.JS scripting, i have a simple forum using MyBB , and i want to rewrite it into nodeBB. So it is very hard to me, if i made my custom home page by code.
  • @Iman-Tumorang you can place on the page using widgets

    go to extend > widgets and then select from available widgets on the right side and drag to the left to where you want it to show.

    example: you can show forum stats by dragging it to the footer

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