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    Hey, I just installed NodeBB on a VPS, and have been configuring it. It's been working perfectly until just about 30 minutes ago. Any attempt to login/register will fail with Invalid session notifications. Which creates an issue as I can not log into any administrative account.This seems to be the cause of a NodeBB plugin. This can be seen live here. Any thoughts? Thanks! 😃

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    Please clear your browser cache and try again. It should solve your issue.

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    This post is deleted!
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    Please clear your browser cache and try again. It should solve your issue.

    Nope! That doesn't seem to solve the issue.

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    The issue was resolved with a full forum reset. Wish I didn't have to do that. :<

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    I'm just now starting to experience this now. I don't know if I can attribute it to any changes in particular I made, but it happens even on "fresh" sessions (phone I've never used on the forum before, incognito sessions, etc.). Unlike OP. I can still login though.

    Edit: I hate to say it, but this seems like another cloudflare caching issue. I'm looking into it now, but it only happens on my cloud URL and not my "live" url.

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    Just an update for anyone who gets this in the future, if you use cloudflare's caching on the forum.. try switching it into dev mode and do a test on an incognito window. If you no longer see it, cloudflare is the issue. I tried just about every setting I could find on my free account and nothing seemed to fix the issue. For now I have just removed the caching from my forum. If any of y'all end up finding an answer, let me know. I'll do the same. 🙂

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    You should found cookie on your browse with name "express.sid" and delete it.

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