• Hi ,

    Do we have any sample data to test NodeBB?

    If any one have, or it will be good if there are some official data by NodeBB theam.

    OR, do we make some by community effort?

    With sample data and easy test systems, one can easily pre-view or check needs, and even it can be used for plugin developments.

    If there are no existing one and no plans by NodeBB team, then any volunteers to build it together?

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    You mean sample data for something like generating a temporary forum for testing or demo purposes, right?

    I like this. It's something I've thought about before. I have not seen any that exist yet, but it would be very useful for testing plugin and especially themes.

  • @yariplus Yes, exactly that's what I meant. Specially, I like to see a cooperation between a community and a NodeBB team, so we could have balanced and abundant result.

    Also I'm thinking that, for example if we setup public workspace at http://c9.io with various version of NodeBB and sample data, one can easily clone it and test it.

  • good thing i did a search before posting

    i was going to ask the same question after posting about this https://community.nodebb.org/topic/8271/what-to-learn-for-nodebb-theme since it will require some type of data to pull things from

    sample data like what wordpress has can provide quick way to start testing and verify things

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    Maybe... just maybe we could get a subset of this forum, after all it is the official forum used for testing things by NodeBB team, I guess ... so maybe a small part of the data and a list of all of the required plugins or configurations to get it running (hopefully updated with each stable version released)... but the idea sounds really good.

  • @yariplus @qgp9 @SergioNG

    once we can get sample data, is there some way to import it from the dashboard that you know of?

  • @charles one can make an import plugin, but an easiest and efficient way for (quick) testings will be just with redis data dump file. First, load redis with data file, and that's it.

    However, I agree that the importer can be better at some point.

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