• @qgp9 I do not advice doing that. Not that it is wrong, but as we are using this on the whole site and NodeBB is in the above case installed in a sub folder, I would put it into public_html, which is our main directory, but in the end it depends on your overall folder structure anyway. Yet I need to mention that putting the .well_known folder somewhere else requires an additional edit in the NGINX config.

  • @AOKP I understand your points but like this forum, I believe usually people use the NodeBB with a root of a url and it is actually where a letsencrypt server checks.
    ( Even, from NodeBB document ( maybe ), serving of NodeBB with subfolder is not well tested or considered ( again even though I'm doing it :) ))

    Now, if NodeBB is serving a root folder, that means public_html doesn't work.
    Of course, one can unlink a proxy to NodeBB and restart a websever to serve public_html and get a certificate and re-link a proxy and restart webserver but it's complicate.

    Nevertheless , I totally understand and mostly agree your points and way.

    1. If one serves NodeBB with sub-folder, what I said is just a bullshit. agree.
    2. with root, there are pros and cons and I fully accepts benefit of that complicate but clean way. mostly agree :)
  • Admin

    The quality of tutorials as of late created in this new category has been outstanding. Good work :)

  • @psychobunny its the best you can get out of markdown. Actually I would have liked to use the first post as "index table" instead. And reserve myself the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th post for the instructions instead.

    Just as a general note:
    The composer is buggy, when having a preview picture of the URL. In general I would remove the preview picture as the favicon preview is already nice enough.

  • Giving this a bump.

    Anyone up for Tengine?

  • This post is deleted!

  • this is a great article,
    what about varnish cache ?

  • Why would you use 2 databses? ( Mariadb & Mongodb) How would they be used?

  • @AnthonyM this article was designed for an actual website with a CMS in front. Imagine if you want to use Ghost. Of course you can use it without MariaDB, but that would be BS.

  • Gamers

    Great Guide.
    Can you update the guide with the commands updated (with the new versions of softwares) and improvments ?
    Thanks a lot.

  • @master-antonio sorry if I read this after such a long time. But why not? Lets see how well Markdown can be used for docs.

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