when i @ somebody just like "royburns", then the link of the people is localhost:4567/user/royburns

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    @julian If you use nodebb's IP blacklist option (I do not), it does make a difference 😀

    But in any case something needs to be defined, there are 2 options:

    Set a trusted proxy otherwise the forum will never know the real IP addresses, the cloudflare address will always appear, and IP addresses are a very useful thing to identify duplicate spam users, for example.
    1.1 Optional - define a transform rule that will verify that the received address is real and not faked by a slightly advanced user

    Add the line I brought, and thus actually refer to CF-Connecting-IP

    I don't see any security advantage for trusted proxy (method 1) over the definition I brought.

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    @baris creation of index for tid can help in this case? can it harm something?
    what additional indexes would you suggest to add?

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    Good day, all.

    I'm a user of some forum which uses NodeBB.

    Is it possible (for the admins) to configure the forum so that the Unread section (a relative example here would be https://community.nodebb.org/unread) shows to the logged in user all posts and threads (topics) which were not read by this user?

    I have already consulted my Settings, but I can't see a setting for this.

    Currently there is only quite short range of posts shown in the Unread section. In this forum: only 26, while there are probably hundrends in fact.

    In "my" forum, after I read them, the sections displays:

    There are no unread topics.

    while in fact there are tens of them (in the last months I was visiting the Forum quite rarely).

    Now I'm trying to catch up, but Unread section quickly turned empty.

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    Unfortunately the old link is not available anymore, but I found the new instructions here: http://sharp.pixelplumbing.com/en/stable/install/#freebsd

    Just in case that it's going down again, here are the short instructions which are missing in the FreeBSD install documentation of NodeBB ( https://docs.nodebb.org/installing/os/freebsd/ )

    pkg install -y pkgconf vips cd /usr/ports/graphics/vips/ && make install clean

    I had to add DISABLE_VULNERABILITIES=yes to the end of the last command, because of some outdated dependency in the port. AFAIK the vips package is only used during installation or upgrade of NodeBB, so that shouldn't be any security issue.

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    NodeBB version: NodeBB-NodeBB-v0.6.1-0-g4686ae9