[Solved] Spinning up a second instance of NodeBB on same server.. issues with redis?

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  • I'm extremely new to the whole "redis" and nodejs thing, but getting along nicely thus far.

    So, I setup a new user, git cloned and started the setup. As I understand it, you can have 16 databases on an individual instance of reddit. I'm using Debian 7 and it doesnt appear to support UpStart so that route wasnt working for me, but perhaps the issue Im having isnt related to that at all.

    I first setup with all defaults except changing the port for Node from 4567 to 4568, failing to realize I had to change the db from 0 to 1. So, when I saw my first NodeBB instead of the new one I setup, I quickly realized my mistake.

    I ran the setup again and changed the redis db to 1 this time, and it in fact then prompted for username and password like I'd expect.

    However... During the final part of setup, I get this.

    info: Beginning database schema update
    info: [2014/1/5] Upgraded categories active users
    info: [2014/1/5] Re-slugify usernames (again)
    info: [2014/1/7] Updated topic and user posts to sorted set
    info: [2014/1/13] Set up "Registered Users" user group
    info: [2014/1/19] Remove user search from Reds
    info: [2014/1/23] Updating Administrators Group -- skipped
    info: [2014/1/25] Updating User Gravatars to HTTPS 
    info: [2014/1/25] Done activating SSO plugins 
    info: [2014/1/30] Fixing language settings -- skipped
    info: [2014/1/30] Adding new topic sets  
    info: [2014/2/6] Upvoting all favourited posts for each user
    info: [2014/2/7] Updating category recent replies 
    info: [2014/2/9] Remove Topic LastFeedUpdate value, as feeds are now on-demand
    -------error: [upgrade] Errors were encountered while updating the NodeBB schema: Error: ERR no such key

    And due to that, I'm unable to start nodebb because it thinks it's out of date, but running the update gives the error above..

    Help a noob out 🙂

  • In redis-cli you could probably do

    select 1

    and start over (I'm assuming you messed up your fresh install and not the original install?)

  • Correct, my initial install is still fine.

    I did what you said to do, but when running setup, same error during upgrade.
    error: [upgrade] Errors were encountered while updating the NodeBB schema: Error: ERR no such key

  • @kelso please update to

    flushdb 1 and try again.

  • That did the trick, thanks! if you couldnt tell, I already love the product and am deploying in two new projects.

  • Hi,

    I'm also trying to run a second NodeBB instance (love this new generation forum 🙂 ) on same server.
    I'm encountering difficulties, but not the same.

    I run the setup, defined a different port 4568 and different Redis DB number 1 (first instance on 4567 with RDS DB 0).

    Starting up this second NodeBB instance I see in the log that the startup doesn't end and restart just after attempting to listen on my, endlessly.

    info: [user.startJobs] Registering User Jobs
    info: [meta/css] Minifying LESS/CSS
    info: [sounds] Sounds OK
    info: [themes] Compiling templates
    info: [themes] Successfully compiled templates.
    info: NodeBB attempting to listen on:
    info: NodeBB v0.4.3 Copyright (C) 2013-2014 NodeBB Inc.
    info: This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
    info: This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.

    Any idea about what I miss ?

    info: Time: Tue Jun 10 2014 22:25:17 GMT+0200 (CEST)

  • @Frédéric-Coubard Can you try ./nodebb dev on your second instance and paste the result.

  • @Frédéric-Coubard Looks like there is no problem to me?

  • @a_5mith will try this evening.

  • @julian you mean it is normal this instance restarting endlessly ?

  • @Frédéric-Coubard Ah, missed that it was restarting over and over again. Yeah, run it in dev mode and let's see what the error is...

  • Sorry for this late feedback.
    For some reasons I had to reinstall my whole server. And now the run of the two nodeBB instances is working fine. So maybe nothing related to nodeBB itself. That rocks :-). Thanks for your answers.

  • I'm having an issue where I've installed two instances of NodeBB on the same server, set the redis databases to be different yet the following error occurs:

    Whenver you login or logout of one forum, you logout of the other. Is this a common issue and can be solved easily or am I in deep water here?

    1. I find it hilarious that only as little as 6 months ago, our totally legitimate advice was "try dropping your db and reinstall"
    2. Are the secrets in config.json different?
    3. Are the two NodeBBs on the same base_url?
    4. Check the cookie saved in the browser, I'm thinking perhaps they're overwriting each other...
  • @julian

    1. That's hilarious 😛

    2. The secrets are indeed different

    3. The base_url's are the same except for the ports

    4. I'll clear my cookies and see if that fixes the issue.

  • As far as I know, the ports aren't considered in a cookie's domain path (limitation of the cookie mechanism, I think), so that would explain it. They're overwriting each other.

  • It seems that even if I refresh on one instance it logs me out of the other. How strange.

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