[nodebb-plugin-blog-comments] Blog Commenting Engine (Ghost, Wordpress widget)

  • The default permalink in Wordpress is postID, when you try to post to nodebb, it errors out at title too short (3). It seems to only take the ID in that case, but most people use proper permalinks anyway.

    It's also rather difficult to rebrand. 😛 but it's a good plugin, so I'll let you off, I guess. 😆

  • Admin

    haha right. I saw your issue. Will look into it at some point 😛

  • @psychobunny No rush, it works, I'm happy. 👍

  • Admin

    it works

    Well that's a refreshing change. 😄

  • Admin

    Updated this plugin to allow you to use NodeBB's category and author information rather than ghost/WP's, ex:

  • @psychobunny, excellent work. This makes my intended usage schema perfect.

  • It's strange, I can't get this to work with Ghost as it seems that they changed the way the API works. The placeholder API documentation says that it should return posts with status published for calls with NoAuth.

    I am stuck on the "sign in to Ghost to enable the publish button." page.

    The GET call to /ghost/api/v0.1/posts/22/ returns a 401 Unauthorized, with the response {"type":"error","message":"Please Sign In","status":"passive"}

    In the meantime I opened an issue on the nodebb-plugin-blog-comments Git repo as well as submitting a pull request to enable protocol relative links in the comment embed scripts to stop displaying mixed content warnings when the blog is served via https.

  • Admin

    afaik, I've always had to be signed in to publish. I'm assuming that if you're signed in it does work? thanks for the PR btw

    EDIT: nvm, read your issue, I guess this is a problem on our end then - time to upgrade our blog to v0.5 😛

  • @psychobunny the problem is that I am signed in when that message appears. Going to spin up an instance of Ghost 0.4 (the same that you're using on the nodeBB blog) and try that. From what I see the API responses have changed between 0.4 and 0.5 (which I'm currently running).

  • Admin

    yeah, looks like it might be an easy fix actually

  • @psychobunny glad to hear that.

    I also stumbled upon a bug when testing with that Ghost v0.4 instance. If you delete the thread in the NodeBB instance the blog embedded comments section still thinks it has a thread in which to post comments. Any way to manually unlink the two after purging a thread from the forum that is linked to a blog post?

  • @psychobunny said:

    Not today. Ghost has a long way to go in terms of development - if you see their ACP you can tell that they are missing a lot. And more importantly, Ghost is currently single account only; they do not have multiple sign-ups yet.

    When the time comes, I'm down for writing a deeper integration 🙂

    Hi 😃 I'm new to the NodeBB and I'm interested in the current/future state of "ghost comments" integration?
    I'm asking because multiple user support has been "finally" added this month to the Ghost 0.5

    The thing is I would like to design a theme for Ghost and NodeBB with this integration in mind 🙂

  • @Feomathar the problem right now is that the Ghost API isn't exactly finalized/available for public consumption (heck, there isn't even any official documentation available 👎 ), which may make things a bit difficult to implement/mantain.

    @psychobunny, I forgot to ask if contributions to the plugin are welcome, so I just assumed that it being on GitHub and public means that I can spam you with PRs :shipit:

  • Admin

    I have to look into the API, I haven't gotten up to speed with 0.5 just yet. As @fuzzmz says as well, I'm a little bit wary of jumping headfirst because I know I'm probably going to have to refactor things again a month from now 😛

    I forgot to ask if contributions to the plugin are welcome

    If you're enjoying it I can even just give you the repo if you promise to continue developing on it 😛 but otherwise yeah of course contributions are welcome. Thanks for the new feature 😉

  • Hi...

    Its loading a url that doesnt exist 😕

    agiletesters . com . br/comments/get/7/0

    i tried to change the plugin to get the url agiletesters.com.br / topic / 45 / get / 0 but it seems its looking for a topic id doesnt exist.. (embed.min.js)

    ( i got 2 posts.. one that had the comments working and the other that i didnt created the post on forum )

    Any clues? 😕

    update.. crap.. cache..
    and API problem on ghost

    {"type":"error","message":"Please Sign In","status":"passive"}

  • Admin

    Right now the plugin doesn't work with Ghost's 0.5x but only 0.4x - I'll be looking into this later in the week but atm just a little bit busy with things 🙂 Hopefully downgrading Ghost for now will help

  • Also looking into the Ghost 0.5 compatibility, but considering my knowledge of JS/NodeJS is pretty slim it might take some time. In any case, if I find anything I'll submit a pull request and update the thread here.

    The problem comes mainly from the lack of an official Ghost API (well, it exists but not documented or officially released) so no bugs can be logged against it. For example, retrieving post information should be doable without having to authenticate as an admin, but right now it returns that error.

    So far I've got a hackish solution to authenticating against the Ghost API and retrieving the token, but it involves hardcoded admin credentials. The next step is to pass that token as an auth header when asking for the post information.

    I've got the source up on GitHub on the ghost_0.5_auth branch so any tips/info/PRs are welcome.

  • @panaggio said:

    Any chance hexo can get attention too?

    👍 I'd love to see this working with Hexo

  • It looks like removing the authentication requirement for public Ghost endpoints finally appeared on their tracker (Remove authentication for public endpoints #4181), which means that at some point the comments plugin should work without any changes.

    In the meantime, Ghost looks like it can be hacked to give a public route to the posts listing (haven't tested it yet - via this forum post):

    1. Edit /ghost/core/server/routes/frontend.js
    2. Append api = require('../api'); to the initial listing of required items.
    3. Prepend router.get('/api/public/posts/', api.http(api.posts.browse)); to the route listing
    4. Restart Ghost

    Then the comment plugin needs to be modified so that it uses the new API route to get the post information.

  • Admin

    This is exactly why I decided that I'm not going to look into this immediately 😛 I think it's an oversight on their end so I'll just wait for the dust to settle (they just released 0.5 not too long ago). Hopefully they will make those routes public, if they decide not to then I will update my plugin to authenticate 🙂

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