[nodebb-plugin-blog-comments] Blog Commenting Engine (Ghost, Wordpress widget)

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    Okay, updated to 0.5.0

    • Fixed a bug with wordpress subfolder installs (please re-copy the code in the readme into your comments.php file)
    • Fixed for the latest version of JSON API (I'm not exactly sure when they changed the structure, but this version should work on 1.1.1 or higher)

    Hope it works for you 🙂

  • @psychobunny you're the man. Thank you SO much. 😀 Working perfectly.

    One final question: at the risk of continuing to show my newbie card, could I please ask where the following line needs to be added for WordPress posts to display NodeBB author info?

    Published by <span id="nodebb-comments-author"></span> in <span id="nodebb-comments-category"></span>

    I'm assuming it would just need to be inserted once into a PHP file in the WordPress install?

  • Admin

    You can put it anywhere in the theme that you like. Most probably in single.php. If you want it below the header maybe somewhere below get_header(); ?>, or if near the bottom somewhere above <?php get_sidebar( 'content-bottom' ); ?> (might not exist depending on your theme, but I think you'll figure it out)

  • @psychobunny thank you for the clarification. Just wanted to make sure it was only needed in one place without any additional setup or configuration. Once again, thank you for taking the time to look at this!

  • @psychobunny is there any reason why WordPress 4.4.2 would cause issues with this fix? I've used it successfully on two sites running 4.4.1, and tried a third running 4.4.2 and getting the original error message (strangely, some of the time it doesn't load the "unexpected end of input" error message but rather

    {"error":"Unable to post topic"}

  • Nevermind - still wasn't able to figure out what was causing the error to still be present on this particular install, but I decided to do a clean install of NodeBB and it's working perfectly just like the other setups. Thanks again!

  • @psychobunny After confirming that the new setup worked perfectly with the plugin, I configured the WordPress install and tried publishing the series of posts I had lined up. Again, I got this as a response:

    {"error":"Unable to post topic"}

    After rocking back and forth in the corner for a minute or so, I figured out what the issue was this time around. 🙂 I didn't realize that the plugin carried over the tags from the WP post, and every post I was trying to publish over to NodeBB had >5 tags, which led to NodeBB rejecting the new topic. I simply increased the default max # of tags allowed in the NodeBB ACP, and voila - problem solved.

    Thought I'd post this in case it can save anyone else a bit of time in the future!

  • Admin

    Ah. Good catch. There are a few other gotchas ex. if the title was too short. Happy to get some PRs on this otherwise I'll do a better error page next time I update this

  • hmm it was working for some time now again I am back to the same situation where when I try to enable on a blog post I get {"error":"Unable to post topic"} and in the nodebb logs all I see it's 6/2 13:31 [20304] - warn: [nodebb-plugin-blog-comments] Origin (undefined) does not match hostUrls: https://z0z0.me

  • aparently the increasing the number of comments worked for me too.

  • @psychobunny Quick question - in what file would I be able to change the source image for the default avatar shown (before a user is logged in/registered)? Having a hard time locating it. Thanks again!

  • @psychobunny Is the plugin pulling the image source from WordPress' core files, or is the source image set in the plugin files themselves?

  • Admin

    You can modify it here: https://github.com/psychobunny/nodebb-plugin-blog-comments/blob/master/public/templates/comments/comments.tpl#L7

    Although I should probably update it to use the new letter icons

  • @psychobunny thank you! As always, much appreciated. 🙂

  • Trying to get this working, having some success.

    Problems I discovered:

    • Some replies silently fail. The problem was I was entering posts that are too short for nodebb's minimum post length setting. Workaround: reduce this size in nodebb settings.

    • BUG: I am testing on page (see below) with no content, and no excerpt, and the javascript blows up on translator.firstChild.innerHTML when the excerpt is empty, because there is no firstChild.

    One limitation I discovered:

    • Page support: I am trying to use comments on pages (not posts), and I am getting an "Unable to access API. Please install the JSON API" in my browser console, but it is installed. If I try swapping ?json=get_post&post_id=118 for ?json=get_page&page_id=118 in a manual browser request, it works. But I see public/lib/wordpress.js only uses get_post. How hard would this feature be to add?
      • Ok I started taking a shot at it by using the implicit mode on the API: ?json=118. Then instead of making articleData *.post in wordpress.js, take .page if post is null.
      • This seems to work, except then I get redirected to https://example.com/my-page-slug/#nodebb/comments -- not sure what's going on here.

  • @jaredthirsk said:

    Ok, I feel a bit silly: it was just scrolling down to an area that was all white, because I had my comment input below the comments, and the nodebb/comments element is after this (BUG! I think nodebb/comments should be above where the comments start, no matter how the comment box setting is set. But I will probably set that setting back because the ordering is reverse and I don't know how to change that (Limitation). Edit: I changed it but it still seems to be scrolling really low, making the user think that the page is blank. This doesn't seem good!)

  • This post is deleted!
  • GNU/Linux

    @psychobunny Are you still supporting this?

  • Does this plugin work with latest version of Ghost and NodeBB?

  • @Giggiux yes it does.

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