[nodebb-plugin-blog-comments] Blog Commenting Engine (Ghost, Wordpress widget)

  • @psychobunny

    Anyway, as a temp solution, I digged into the code but was unable to find what I needed, so maybe you can help me.
    I wanted to try this (sure it should works)

    • I Create a new post on my nodebb forum and I get the database postID
    • I create a new Blog article on my wordpress forum and get ArticleID

    Where do I put the link between both (I can do it manually inserting value in database), I think I just need to put NodeBB postID in wordpress database (near it's ArticleID), but I didn't found where. Any ideas ?

    oH, just to let you know, my wordpress blog and my nodebb community are hosted on same VM (not same fqdn)


  • @psychobunny
    Oh, got a workaround, I really need to sleep more than 4 hours a night, the table was in front of my eyes it's in nodeBB database table blog-comments, just needed to add into this a new entry with key='blog post ID' and value='NodeBB topic ID'

    In Wordpress database I get the post ID going to admin panel/posts then leaving the mouse on post link and looking the link in browser status bar
    or with this mysql query on wordpress database to list them all

    SELECT  post_date, ID, post_title, guid, post_status, post_type  FROM wp_posts
    WHERE post_parent=0
    ORDER BY `post_date` DESC 

    To find the NodeBB topic number into NodeBB, just create a topic then in Forum then find the post in the forum and leave the mouse on post link and looking the link in browser status bar

    I've done it with Redis Desktop Mananager

    In case it can help šŸ˜‰

  • Experiencing this issue on Wordpress as well.

  • @overlawled
    Not sure if the problem comes from NodeBB upgrade or wordpress upgrade. Would be cool to have this fixed šŸ˜‰

  • Admin

    Is it related to this issue?


    I haven't used WP in a while so I'm not up to date with their changes. If not can you submit another issue?

  • Can this plugin work even if Wordpress and NodeBB are in different servers (DO droplets), or do they have to be installed in the same server?

  • @watomsk
    Looking at the architecture, I'm pretty sure it should work on different servers

  • @watomsk said:

    Can this plugin work even if Wordpress and NodeBB are in different servers (DO droplets), or do they have to be installed in the same server?

    Yes, this worked for me, different droplets on same domain. Currently it links a WordPress install with a NodeBB forum both on separate domains though on the same droplet.

  • Admin

    Updated blog comments plugin to 0.4.3

    • Updated for NodeBB 0.8.x
    • ACP page redesigned
    • Fixed bugs with publishing and CORS errors

  • I have a small issue with the plugin. It was working fine, and now for some reason new Wordpress articles won't display the button to create a thread for the article in NodeBB, but existing comments on Wordpress articles already published to NodeBB seem to work fine.

    Is there anything I can do to make the publish-to-nodebb button appear again?

    Thank you

  • Admin

    Sorry, I missed this. Does downgrading this plugin work though?

    npm install nodebb-plugin-blog-comments@0.x.y

    Just want to make sure its not a WP upgrade that made a difference and not the plugin

  • @psychobunny
    which version you want me to test ?

  • Admin

    You're having this problem as well on latest WP and plugin?

  • yes, with this one can't create the topic after blog post but works once link from WP and nodeBB created by hand on the database šŸ˜‰

    root# npm ls nodebb-plugin-blog-comments
    nodebb@0.9.0 /usr/local/share/nodebb
    ā””ā”€ā”€ nodebb-plugin-blog-comments@0.4.3  extraneous
  • Admin

    Ah okay. I didn't realize you posted earlier, I thought my fix last month would have solved this. I'll need to have a look again. In that case can you make an issue with your WP version, and the api plugin version and I'll have a go


  • Of course,

    WP 4.3.1 , by opening an issue, you mean new post on support of nodebb or on github for plugins ?
    not sure where to ask, sorry about this

  • Admin

  • Hello, I have the lastest ghost installed as a blogging engine and I have installed the latest stable version of nodebb and installed this plugin and integrated in into the ghost. It works as a champ however the styles are not OK. Is there a way to style the plugin? Basically it does stretch on the full width of the window and it does not keep the ghost post width.

  • Hello, I have added this plugin to my freshly installed nodebb and also added the widget to ghost. I was able to enable comments successfully a couple of blog comments but then I suddenly got this error:

    {"error":"Unable to post topic"}

    in the nodebb log I see the following:

    25/11 04:25 [11857] - warn: [nodebb-plugin-blog-comments] Origin (undefined) does not match hostUrls: http://example.com

    Anyone can help me with this?
    By the way the two posts which I was able to enable are having the comment engine working all this time.

  • Hi, We have a site in php and have many pages that do not use any CMS.

    To comment on this site, JavaScript code Disqus system is placed at the end of each page.

    Now we want a forum with "nodebb" be added to the site (as a sub-domain), which is our forum and cover site commenting systems, so we can eliminate Disqus!

    I'm wondering if we can add nodeBB to php site, something like disqus.

    Best regards,

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