Looking for a Developer to install NodeBB

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  • hey looking for a developer to install nodebb on my wordpress site, we are halfway and were stuck, running in to firewall trouble.

    Hence i need a Dev to finish it of, will pay, please help we have been stuck on this for a a few weeks and help is hard to find, so i am posting up for assistance.

    Thank you

  • Please always give as much details as you can.

    You're now using:
    only Wordpress
    alternative forum engine bbPress
    want to have User Database Sharing

    VPS at HostGator
    CentOS 6.x
    installed NodeBB 0.9.x
    you have a problem with firewall rules

    What you need:
    server hardening
    add rules to allow websockets (i.e. 8000) [no neeed] traffic and maybe on port 8080
    edit: you need to configure Apache or nginx proxy to deliver both Wordpress and NodeBB
    NodeBB 1.x.x
    user database import using nodebb-plugin-import plug-in

  • @MagicVish Have you considered using our hosting service? We handle installation and setup of your NodeBB for you, so you can offload these technical tasks to us.

  • @julian i would love to bro, and i cannot wait to actually be able to, but as i cannot afford the hosting costs and i will not need as much space, i can only go for this option unless you have an affordable cost for a start up,

    I love the forum though, tech guys have advised me to go to other forums, but this is the best by all means,

  • really need some help on this please

  • How much do you offer?
    send me a private message if you don't want to post it publicly

  • solved: please check this friend who helped $40 all installed,
    so anyone that is looking for a cost effective solution, this is the guy, awesome work,

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