[nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads] Store your uploads in AWS S3

  • @psychobunny said:

    nice job, looking forward to seeing what else you guys come up with 🙂

    For the next few months, not much, purely as we need to switch to a different strand of development and can't spend much time on Talk

  • @planner said:

    This is great.

    Now, how about a remote storage plugin that's provider independent, that is, that can be used to configure remote storage to any provider or at least the most popular ones.


    I guess it'd be doable, I think pkgcloud would enable this: https://github.com/pkgcloud/pkgcloud#storage — however, I won't be implementing it, feel free to fork our S3 Uploader though.

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    Thanks @miksago !

  • Small note on this: whilst I'm the original author, I've since left Kano, and as they have IP over it, and control access to the source code commits, I can no longer actually maintain it. It's up to them if they want to make me a maintainer of that repository.

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    @miksago What license was it released under? Given the MIT license, you can just fork it, no?


  • @julian yeah, if I fork it, I'd have to republish as a different package on NPM, which isn't something that's ideal.

  • Hello

    I have NodeBB V0.5.0 installed, S3 bucket set up and tried to install and activate the nodebb-s3-uploads from the admin panel->Plugins. Below is the error I have got whenever trying to upload a picture:

    Upload Error : nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads :: The XML you provided was not well-formed or did not validate against our published schema

    Futher more, when trying to config the settings for nodebb-s3-uploads from NodeBB ACP --> Plugins section:
    Not Found

    You seem to have stumbled upon a page that does not exist. Return to the home page.

    Though it installs and activates without any errors, what else can be wrong? Thanks in advance.

  • Seems Amazon may have changed something perhaps. The plugin is also very out of date. It's only compatible with 0.3.2, however 0.4.0 introduced breaking changes. I'm not sure the original author of this plugin is around any more. If I get the chance, I will have a look and see what the issue could be.

  • All right!! Thank you @a_5mith.

  • Hello @a_5mith have you had a chance to take a look at this? Thanks

  • Is there someone looking for solutions?

  • NodeBB

    I think this plugin is maintained here now https://github.com/joe1chen/nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads

  • I have updated this plugin and added a new package to npm https://github.com/LewisMcMahon/nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads

  • @lewismcmahon

    It is nice to see one of the Amazon S3 uploader plugins being actively maintained.

    Enhancement Requests:

    • Modify this plugin to upload images in a path for each individual user (currently all uploads go to the bucket root -- Look at the nodebb-plugin-amazons3 plugin for an example of this)
    • Create the ability to scan the database for images and then to delete the ones that no longer exist in the database from the S3 bucket (Deleted posts and threads, re-uploaded (changed) images, etc.)

    Otherwise, thank you very much for taking over supporting this plugin.

  • @rod Ive added them as issues once i get the menu sorted ill take a look

  • I have pushed out several bug fixes and an update to the admin area today for this plugin i have also taken a look at the remove unused images functionality and as far as i can tell its not going to be possible without risking removing images of other plugins or some custom db querys.

    My original plan was just to search through all posts and users grab any profile pics and cover images along with files from posts and then remove any thing that is in the s3 bucket that is not in that list. But if someone added a plugin that added images somewhere else that would remove them. the other option is to search through the DB for any occurrences of the s3 bucket and get the file id from that but i dont believe that's possible with the current NodeBB functionality.

    So the only option left would be to write custom query's for both mongo and redis and interface directly with the db. That's something im not entirely sure plugin should be doing and im not even sure that's possible with redis.

    As for the individual path per user i dont think that would add any benefit to the plugin as everything has a unique id.

  • Hi @lewismcmahon, I am using your plugin:


    It was working fine until this morning. We are unable to upload any files.
    FYI, we just upgraded to NodeBB v1.0.3.

  • Hi @lewismcmahon, this is the 3rd day that we are unable to upload files and almost all topic we post require this feature. Please help to fix this soon., thank you 😿 .

  • Hi guys if you have issues with my plugins do not post here! make an issue on Github.

    Also the git repo for this has changed location but npm is still the same.


    I will be looking into the issues with 1.1 today.

  • I am super busy at the moment with other work if anyone has found any bugs with the plugin or is willing to look at the outstanding issues on GitHub pull requests would be hugely appreciated.

    The plugin itself could do with a total rewrite really as it has been added onto and patched up by so many people over the years. I seem to be the 3rd maintainer I can tell. Which I may get round to if I can put some time aside, this would also help solve some of the longstanding issues with file deletion etc along with adding tests something that is sorely lacking.

    Also thanks to @julian and everyone else who has submitted PR's while I have been maintaining the plugin.

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