Anyone interested in developing an auction site blatantly stealing from NodeBB?

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    Hey there!
    I'm currently building an open source penny auction site. Since I like NodeBB and the way its code is structured, I reused some parts (templates.js, socket io, the way middleware, routes and controllers work) and it works pretty well so far.

    If anyone would be interested in developing for fun, I'd be happy to share the codebase on GitHub. It's an interesting project so far that I've learnt a ton of stuff from, and there's still a bazillion things left to do.

    Some screenshots from the Admin panel (front-end is german, but that'll change once I figured a way to make translation work smoothly):

    0_1455569685969_Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-15 um 21.36.11.png
    1_1455569325239_Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-15 um 21.36.45.png

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    Please do put it on github. We are gearing up to make some extensions to nodebb in the direction of "real-time web interactivity" I'd love to see if we can support one another's codebases. BTW does your auction site support cryptocurrency?



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    @faddat Repo is up (, can't guarantee it'll run on another machine straight away.
    Considering cryptocurrency, I purposely sticked to "paymentUnits" everywhere I dealt with money, as I'd like to seperate payment and bidding, so things like Bitcoin should be not much more of a hassle than PayPal or credit cards.

    Please bear with me, I'm no industry professional yet. You'll find a huge bunch of flaws in there, but that will definitely change once I get the thing running more or less stable.

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    @Moritz-Friedrich Expect to hear from our lawyers soon regarding this.

    Just kidding 😆

    That's fantastic that you've found success coding with our libraries and tools! The more people using them, the better we can make them overall 😄 Site looks great!

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    I like NodeBB's source, though it would be nice to have real documentation for it 😉 Maybe even something like consistent JSDoc comments?
    Thank you for the kind words, by the way. I'll keep updating this post from time to time 😊

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