Couple of issues here...

Technical Support
  • Hi all. Few concerns here.

    1. When ever I restart nodebb via ACP, it does not come back up and I cannot login to my server via putty (it just stalls after I input my password). I have to reboot via host control panel. And must restart it ./nodebb start and takes a while to start back up.This time it didn't come back up.

    2. My users cannot confirm their email "404 Not Found" also it uses the server ip not the domain /confirm/dd1fb890-b1d4-452e-9cc8-494029fabb2a

    3. These may be bugs; Users tab does not show for guests after changing skins and reverting back to the original skin.

  • Refer to the documentation, it'll likely be in there. Link to Documentation

  • For number 2 you have to change your config.json to reflect your domain as set in your reverse proxy

  • @Kowlin My domain is in there.

    from ./nodebb log it says. redis is working, I also stopped it and started it. Then did the same with nodebb with no luck.

  • Did a fresh install not working yay after I reinstalled redis server not following the guide on nodebb working great. Trying to remove nodejs+npm is messed up since the fresh install won't work with the current installation (npm install).

    I give up, errors here errors there, fuck..

    thanks for the help given... I think..

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