Perfect guideline for dummies to: "How To Configure Nginx as a Front End Proxy for Apache"

  • @xpcontact

    Yes, NodeBB is running, but the setup is not kosher. It is accessible from and also from

    What's the point of running a forum application from the root of the site and also from a subdomain of the same site. I doubt if that's what you want. If you wish to run it from a subdomain of, which assumes that there is a Web app running on, the the url should be If from a subfolder of, it should be

    Both setups require a different VirtualHost configuration.

    So, which one do you want?

  • @planner you bet it right! I want ONLY nodebb to run, planning to install YUI or Docpad in the and to let my server IP empty (or default nginx file)
    I think my problem is that I have disabled all virtualhost support, that forum is my "default virtual host". How to fix that?

  • @xpcontact

    We you've got to take another look at your configuration, because right now, your server IP is not empty or running the default Nginx file

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @xpcontact Right now, since NodeBB is the only virtual host, any requests to your server will cause it to load the NodeBB.

    Note this line: server_name;

    This means that nginx will specifically listen for requests to, but if a request comes in requesting, and it does not match, it will load the first virtual host it finds. For some further reading, click here

    Once you set up docpad and set up its own proxy listening to, nginx will no longer redirect requests to that url to NodeBB.

  • Admin

    @planner I usually do a daily search for nodebb on google (results from past 24 hours) and I routinely find your NodeBB @ on the list. Your forum is on port 4567 so I was wondering if you had any issues routing it to something like etc.

  • @psychobunny,

    It's not even supposed to show up on search engines yet, because I've not made it public and don't intend to until the end of the month. I'm waiting for key features to be implemented before it goes public, so I'm taking this time to populate it with quality content

    But, yes, it's on the port default port because I'm still trying to figure out how to route it to I don't want to go the subdomain route.

    If you are wondering what features I'm holding out for, email notifications and anti-spam registration are tops.

  • Admin

    okay 🙂 FYI there's a robots.txt editor in the ACP if you really didn't want it to show up on google search 🙂

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