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    Further update - Problem appears to be fixed.

    One difference in browser errors is the prepareFooter error:

    Uncaught ReferenceError: highlight is not defined at HTMLDocument.prepareFooter ((index):3508)

    Further digging showed that the prepareFooter() is where custom javascript is placed and that was the issue. Custom java script was breaking the page during prepareFooter() which killed the reply functionality (along with a lot of other things).

    The java script was there to add functionality to highlight.js for syntax highlighting. now to dig into what has changed with highlight.js in the latest version.

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    @İsa-Yaşa having a notebook is very important! 🙂

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    @yariplus Great thanks for these insights.

    Actually I see two types of groups:

    Settings > Group (in our case these are Guests and Registered-user for example) Manage menu > Groups (in our case these are Ambassadors and Administrators for example)

    So when I manage the category I can only manage the first type of group but not the latter that interests me the most.

    For example, I wish I could have a private category for Ambassadors. As we have a group of over 100 volunteers and I'll have to add them manually already once to the second type of group, I wish I didn't have to repeat that process to add them to the private category.

    Is there a way to avoid that process?

    Also why are the two groups name similarly when they are two different things?

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    @psychobunny just some question.

    Is it intentional for
    /recent and /category -> sort by newest to oldest
    the result is sorted by recent activities (post created time) AND not by topic created time?

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    Thanks @a_5mith we're on it 👍