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  • I'm just trying to post a very simple message as a reply and I keep getting "Post content was flagged as spam by" it's quite annoying, especially since I'm not spamming.

    Here's the content:

    @Kowlin Yeah, I know, it's a lot. A little less than half of that is one category for each edition of Axis & Allies. (I haven't migrated yet: Axis & Allies .org Forums)

    Some of them really do need to be consolidated but if I try to consolidate too much, the community gets up in arms. Go figure. 😉

  • Akismet quite doesn't like links. I've expirienced it my self many times here before.

  • For some reason I do not even need the anti spam plugins (yep I got all of them disabled).

    However, I would simply disable Askimet and enable the other spam filters instead.

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