• I am torn between enabling user groups or not. I like the fact that is gives users another means to interact/communicate and thus spend more time on the forum, but I do not like that group discussion is not on the forum.

    Has anyone enabled groups after running their forum for some time without groups, and did you notice a decrease in forum activity?

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    @ron_jeremy What group discussion are you referring to? If I am not mistaken, groups don't have their own discussion hidden from others unless you set a category permission to be only viewed by members of that group.

  • @pichalite Sorry I was not as clear as I could've been. Yes, basically private groups whose discussion can only be visible to members of the group. I am not sure if I want to allow this option. Some members want it while others do not.

  • It depends on what kind of audience you have in my opinion, as example if you have a forum that is generally for a open discussion and supporting each other I would keep it open.

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