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    Thanks. Figured some such, wh/is why I did not want to open bug report prior to checking in 😉

    P.S.; Prior to github and markdown becoming defacto I always preferred asciidoc for such duties. Still do. Much richer options for when you need/want them but still dead simple to use when you don't. Also, actually standardized, as contrasted w/the markdown flavor fest. But hey, github made markdown the golden boy for modern devs that never used else. Don't blame 'em cuz devs wanna code not invest time learning different markup 'time savers'. So whaddya gonna do, eh?

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    Im trying to add a list of categories to my custom homepage template using:

    <h1>homepage header</h1>
    <!-- IMPORT categories.tpl -->

    however - instead of a list, it just outputs:

    No new posts.

    Im using a custom theme based on persona. The h1 tag renders fine..

    Any help would be appreciated.
    I suspect I need to add in the categories data in somewhere.. but can't find any documentation on this..


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    Use custom css in the admin appearance tab like this, using the actual category number you want to hide:

    .page-category-16 [component="category/post/guest"] { display: none; }

    Really, I feel like the Login to Post is for posting to the forum in general, not necessarily to the category being viewed.

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    Fixed in latest master, the labels were swapped, so "Access" was actually controlling "Create", and vice versa.

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    Post your plugin.json maybe it has a syntax error. Also did you put your theme in node_modules and activate it from the ACP?