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  • current user data

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    In that case you can use the hook filter:middleware.renderAdminHeader this is fired when we are building the admin header which includes the plugins dropdown. Inside the hook you can look at the hookDatar.req.uid to get the uid of the user making the request. Below is a sample:

    myPlugin.filterMiddlewareRenderAdminHeader = async (hookData) => { console.log(hookData.req.uid, hookData.templateData.plugins); // TODO: filter plugins in `hookData.templateData.plugins` based on hookData.req.uid return hookData; }
  • /login button stopped working

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    @kurulumu-net Odd. I'm not able to reproduce this. Have you tried disabling plugins to see if any of those are the culprit ?

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    You should be able to disable registration in the ACP. That will still allow SSO.

    Edit: previous discussion

    User registration only with SSO

    Hi everyone, Quick question, is it possible to disable the registration form, in order to allow registration by SSO only? Thanks for your help Christian


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  • Change standard groups

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    That's exactly it... they're system groups because they're relied upon internally and cannot be deleted or renamed.

    The admin interface uses groups in the backend. Global mods are empty by default but any members in that group are automatically mods in every category.

    That's all.

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    @Dim said:

    ".modal-backdrop {
    z-index: 0;
    } "

    .modal-backdrop { z-index: auto; }

    Would probably be preferable, since auto makes it behave like no z-index property has been specified (as is the case in the default Bootstrap theme used in lavender and persona) which makes the element inherit the z-index of its parent, whereas z-index: 0 forces the z-index to be, well, 0.