Docker installation failing - Error: Redis connection to failed - connect ECONNREFUSED

Technical Support
  • docker run --name my-forum-redis -d -p 6379:6379 nodebb/docker:ubuntu-redis
    docker run --name dockerdev-nodebb --link dockerdev-redis:redis -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 4567:4567 -P -t -i nodebb/docker:ubuntu

    Defined the wbsite url for the forum as

    Results in:

    [email protected] node_modules/connect-redis
    ā””ā”€ā”€ [email protected] ([email protected])
    14/12 09:45 [1] - info: Populating database with default configs, if not already set...
    14/12 09:45 [1] - error: Error: Redis connection to failed - connect ECONNREFUSED
        at RedisClient.flush_and_error (/opt/nodebb/node_modules/redis/index.js:142:13)
        at RedisClient.on_error (/opt/nodebb/node_modules/redis/index.js:180:10)
        at Socket.<anonymous> (/opt/nodebb/node_modules/redis/index.js:95:14)
        at Socket.EventEmitter.emit (events.js:95:17)
        at net.js:441:14
        at process._tickCallback (node.js:415:13)
    14/12 09:45 [1] - warn: NodeBB Setup Aborted. Redis connection to failed - connect ECONNREFUSED

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • @william.owen
    telnet localhost 6379 ?
    netstat -npl | grep 6379 && echo 'Port open. Good.' || echo 'Port Closed. Redis started ?'

  • Hi there; thanks for the reply. I get : -

    Port open. Good.

  • telnet localhost 6379 ?

  • telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

  • @william.owen
    This suggests that it is not in the driver connection and not in the installation script. It tells us that the database connection is not possible, even though you have previously reported that the port is open.

    1. Start Redis
    2. Input 'redis-cli ping' and Enter
    3. Insert screenshot command output netstat -npl
  • you have to run docker network inspect bridge

    the result will be :

            "Name": "bridge",
            "Id": "a82774b4cc857b934ca5d3bba8f20a077aef3c117b9a390455466fb8785aea0f",
            "Scope": "local",
            "Driver": "bridge",
            "EnableIPv6": false,
            "IPAM": {
                "Driver": "default",
                "Options": null,
                "Config": [
                        "Subnet": "",
                        "Gateway": ""
            "Internal": false,
            "Containers": {
                "64e285ed8b6a287c693df8244f4cf45c6e724e74e979734b823f14f19cb2a74b": {
                    "Name": "node-bb-redis",
                    "EndpointID": "869f51cfefb3d1d59b5f0cc881c16e6a127b423345704c7f17bc3f10c5061922",
                    "MacAddress": "02:42:ac:11:00:02",
                    "IPv4Address": "",
                    "IPv6Address": ""
                "7fd7885220b189427121102a9cf34e7b2259b5d1038b3f6a522f24e1e3ebd25b": {
                    "Name": "node-bb",
                    "EndpointID": "9d971bdd8675714ba96385c3832cf08a0ed6630cc40e8ac08d3666c42f0b9133",
                    "MacAddress": "02:42:ac:11:00:05",
                    "IPv4Address": "",
                    "IPv6Address": ""
                "8391d3e8f44f064e885e2cf754a59a7cc00d24ca5c2db13b4add0152308eb843": {
                    "Name": "nginx-letsencrypt",
                    "EndpointID": "0416947f3ff616fb063b17363ef4f5d282a0549bc15582a842f97155b9ede5c2",
                    "MacAddress": "02:42:ac:11:00:04",
                    "IPv4Address": "",
                    "IPv6Address": ""
                "a06b204eb61be007c093488aa1f3491407b784c48c4b3a069afcc967892b1522": {
                    "Name": "nginx-proxy",
                    "EndpointID": "6de08ad911df8e80b04f4600909b76c70d3dd99f26a586cc444bf5a2ec97e2ef",
                    "MacAddress": "02:42:ac:11:00:03",
                    "IPv4Address": "",
                    "IPv6Address": ""
            "Options": {
                "": "true",
                "": "true",
                "": "true",
                "": "",
                "": "docker0",
                "": "1500"
            "Labels": {}

    Find your redis IP and put it in your nodeBB config (in my case Redis IP is

  • @Absam-Sibsam you saved me bro, worked perfectly!

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