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    Ack! 💥

    my hardware on another screen inside a screen... SCREENCEPTION. 😑

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    Hahaha ah yes, Spotify's holiday playlists... they're actually not bad.

  • 86 posts already?! Anyhow, I've refused to do this. But oh well, here you can see my mess I call a desktop.

    And as a extra, you can see a neat fully OEM Acer server who's worth looking at.

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    Don't know what it is with yellow mobos, they always scream "old pc" to me

  • well, since it is. Thats why, its a HP IPIBL-LB Codename Benicia motherboard, it was mostly for desktops back in 2007-2008. And I have to update this outdated junk to support a Xeon CPU, fun stuff ^_^. Hope I don't brick it.

  • For the first time ever I've upgraded my CPU, and microcode... And I am still shaking of fear that it doesn't work, but I'm pleased to announce this!

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    congratz 🙂

  • Now to just replace the less then average HDD, RIP main HDD... You have served me well over the years.

    Edit: Perhabs I will retire my old NAS,

  • Hmm so lets revive this old topic, I've gone out today to bike around 19KM to another major city (A good 45 min bike trip, yey for my electric bike breaking half trough that.) for a new headset (It was 80% off and I needed a new one badly) and while I was there I decided to get my self a new CPU cooler, since the stock cooler my OEM machine had wasn't the most perfect solution and would turn my PC into a aircraft in terms of sound from time to time.

    So I settled on a good cheap Cooler Master, this one in fact. After getting home, pulling my system out of its confined space and disconnecting the CPU cooler, cleaning the so overdone Thermal paste of my CPU and refitting it to my socket. To my confusion the the cooler doesn't fit. After 10-20 min of attempting, I gave up in rage and googled (In rage on my phone I might add) why this pin based cooler doesn't fit.

    Now what I didn't notice is that my old cooler had screws, and a screw plate on the back of the motherboard that was attached by duo sided tape. So after (In more rage after finding that out) unscrewing my motherboard and carefully started to try and twist of the plate with a flat screw driver (I don't recommend that at all but it was all I had) I finally got the back plate of, and what do you know... The damn thing popes in it without any effort. (Now to fix my temperature sensor)

    So what are your guy's storeys of horribly failing with technology?

  • @Kowlin hardest cooler I ever installed was an Alpenföhn. Not only that I had to replace the backplate (which is very easy), I also had to build a "cage" for the actual cooler. In the end it was a Lego massacre taking 45 minutes (3 times longer then for all other parts combined).

    Even worse was the fact that I had to apply the coller with the fan on it and then fix a screw. Luckily I have 30cm long screw drivers for that.

    The easiest cooler I ever applied was my Corsair H110. A dream to install. 😄

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    #swag 😄

    Don't tell GitHub that all I did in October to get this t-shirt was submit pull requests to NodeBB plugins 😶

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    Bought a new case (phanteks p400s) and used all my old components. Going to upgrade to a Ryzen when ram prices come down a bit :rage2:



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    Remind me to take a picture of my work PC :trollface: It's abysmal.

    Edit: Whoa, looks like I already did... and nothing in that PC has changed. I think it's time to buy more hardware... and maybe a better case 😛

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    @baris send me that MSI card 😛

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    C'mon... I want to see pics from the newer crowd... @pitaj @pichalite @boomzilla @Ben-Lubar 😛

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    I use a mini-itx, so there's not much to see.

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    Here ya go





  • No window, so the inside is not really cleaned often.. GPU is right now really underpowered and next on my to upgrade list.

    Here's the full partlist with the price at time of purchase:

    0_1501134215506_pc-inside.jpg 0_1501134222135_pc-outside.jpg

  • Giving this a bump (will add a pic later):
    Mainboard: HUANAN Deluxe X79
    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2680v2 @ 3GHz (BCLK OC)
    Cooling: Noctua NH-U14S
    RAM: 32GB Hynix RECC DDR3 @ 1600MHz
    GPU: 8GB GDDR5 Gainward GTX 1080 OC
    HDD 1: 2TB WD Black HDD
    HDD 2: 500GB Samsung EVO 850
    PSU: beQuiet Pure Power 10 CM 700W
    Case: Corsair Carbide 270R

    The Xeon is a 10 core CPU with up to 20 threads.

    As promised, some pics:

    If you want I can take of the side cover and do some additional pics tomorrow. 😉

    And before you ask for the price - its been quite cheap. Cheaper than any DDR4 based system.
    Especially if you consider benchmark scores (when I bought the CPU a few weeks ago it was ranked 54th with over 16K points). Working with the system is fabulous, especially when you use Photoshop or AE. Games run smooth at highest settings and barely seems to be a workload for the CPU. With BF1 at its absolute maximum settings the CPU went to 21% load. The Huanan X79 does a great job as well. It held 48h @ 100% load without any issues.

    To overclock the CPU and RAM though you have to flash a custom BIOS.

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