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    Mush Mouse


    Mush Puppy


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    Mickey Mouse


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    Ferrari Red Keyboard


    For when you have the need fer' speed.... 🏎

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    @gotwf Mechanical keyboard? I appreciate a good mechanical keyboard.

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    @julian Yep. Cherry MX's. Ferrari Red for my hot Italian wife, who also needs ten key. I favor ten keyless and "Otaku" style keycaps - see Mickey Mouse upthread. Browns are my sweet spot. 👍

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    Obligatory Gratuitous Screenshot


    Meh, works fer' me. ✌

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    Behold!! LED backlit wall-mounted monitor 😁

    Who needs monitor stands anyway...

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    @julian said in Show us your rig!:

    Ho man! Glad I inspired ya'.

    Be that a Cherry MX board? Nice!

    Behold!! LED backlit wall-mounted monitor 😁

    Who needs monitor stands anyway...

    Well.... that HP rig above does serve a secondary purpose: I tuck my Senn's under it when not in use for protection from dust and what not. 😉

    In general though, I concur. The pivotable rigs with adjustable arms that mount on the back of your desk are kind of a drag too. Every little bump and wiggle gets telegraphed thru those motion arms and amplified. Three cheers for stacked reams of paper. Hip, hip, hooray! Lots of mass. Sacrifice lots of desk space but it's nice for the stuff you're focusing on to not be a moving target. Maybe I'll go back to the fancy stuff someday but the good ones are expensive. Wall mounts are the way to go. Provides isolation. 👍

    Looks like some thought was given to ergonomics. Yer' body will thank you. Forward head posture and carpal tunnel are rampant, especially mobile side.

    Q1: Curious, does the backlit lighting reflected from the wall bother your eyes? I find that I am pretty sensitive to glare these days.

    Q2: How many displays can ye' hitch up to that lappie, eh? Cuz if you can go for one more, then mount one in portrait orientation. Or maybe experiement re-orienting the one ya' got. It's the schnizzle for docs or code. @omega is a believer.

    Heh, I was wondering when someone would catch on: It's more about the user interface than the hardware, wh/other than I/O and displays, has been conspicuously absent from my little "series".

    Rock on! 🎸 🐧

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    @gotwf yeah some thought was given to ergonomics. The monitor height wasn't quite right with the stand (about 2" too short).

    My room is dim, and the backlight actually helps with eye strain. Couple bucks from AliExpress, well worth it.

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    @julian Speaking of which, kind of crazy that in the race for the lowest common denominator price point that many/most commodity monitors these days are not even height adjustable. Tilt is about all you get.

    Yours looks pretty sweet sporting that minimalist bevel. Especially nice for multi-monitor configurations not to have 3cm worth of plastic framing intruding on your view space. Perchance is it a 4K/5K rig? Jury is still out on those for me.

    Ah, all these first world problems, eh?

    Cool that you posted up something not targeting gaming. But speaking of which: just noticed this bit upthread:

    @aokp said in Show us your rig!:

    CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2680v2 @ 3GHz (BCLK OC)

    Holy, holy, guacamole! 🥑

    Sporting an E5 series Xeon in a single socket gaming rig!? Leastwise it appears to be too crowded in there to be hiding a second socket (so I'd be expecting an E3). Flush, you are, @AOKP! And way serious about your gaming, eh? From memory, I am guessing that XEON alone ran around the order of $1500 - $1800 US. Must be nice! 👍

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    Too much is never enough, eh?


    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. 🖖 🐬 🐬

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