nodebb-plugin-sso-linkedin broken for 0.9.2

  • Swedes

    Could someone update this plugin?

    12/12 13:18 [6837] - error: [plugins] Error executing 'static:app.load' in plugin 'nodebb-plugin-sso-linkedin'
    12/12 13:18 [6837] - error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'buildHeader' of undefined
    at Object.Linkedin.init [as method] (/server/www/production/
    at /server/www/production/
    at /server/www/production/
    at Object.async.forEachOf.async.eachOf (/server/www/production/
    at Object.async.forEach.async.each (/server/www/production/
    at fireStaticHook (/server/www/production/
    at Object.Plugins.fireHook (/server/www/production/
    at Object.Plugins.reloadRoutes (/server/www/production/
    at module.exports (/server/www/production/
    at /server/www/production/

    Would be nice to have working plugin for linkedin :)

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