Emailed stack traces when things go the way of the 502

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  • I'd like to have stack traces emailed to me as they happen (in production). On first glance this doesn't seem a nodebb specific issue...but from googling I see some folks recommending making changes to the app itself to make calls to the forever module....(with others urging caution that it's not reliable).

    What do you recommend for doing this? Anyone already setup getting stack traces emailed from production?

    P.S in my current setup, nodebb is started through a systemd unit that calls forever to execute the nodebb app (yes a bit of duplication) - I'm open to changing that if needed.

  • Yeah, I think we can build this into core. If you have an emailer plugin installed, I can have NodeBB email you when it runs into an unhandled exception.

  • @julian That would be great. If you think that might be a ways off, I'd be happy to take a shot at it with a few pointers (new to node)

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