Trouble getting Emailer (SendGrid) to authenticate

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  • Maybe I've missed a step in the config process, but whenever I attempt to send a test email via Settings > Email > Send test email I get a 'Bad username / Password' error from NodeBB.

    I've setup a user in the Credentials section of SendGrid, granted that user UI/API & Mail rights, generated an API Key and copied both the user & API details into Emailer (SendGrid) - please see attached screenshot.

    he NodeBB log shows:

    27/11 14:43 [9234] - error: [plugins] filter:email.send, Bad username / password
    27/11 14:43 [9234] - warn: [emailer.sendgrid] Unable to send digest email to uid 2!!
    27/11 14:43 [9234] - warn: [emailer.sendgrid] Error Stringified:{}

    It was a little unclear what 'API User' referred to in the Emailer (SendGrid) configuration - in SendGrid we have a 'NAME' in API Keys and a 'NAME' in Credentials, but I couldn't find any 'API User' - maybe they've changed their terminology.

    To try and get round this I named my API Key and Credentials user the same and put that into Emailer (SendGrid) config page along with the API key...same problem.





  • Have you tried putting the API key as-is, without the SG. preceding it?

  • I hadn't @julian but same problem I'm afraid.

    27/11 18:35 [11198] - error: [plugins] filter:email.send, Bad username / password

    From the log.


  • This post is deleted!
  • Try putting the API User as bearer i think that is what sendgrid defaults as.

    (i might be being really stupid)

  • Works for me when I check "Use HTTP connection". I'm assuming it was attempting HTTPS but somehow broke.

  • Yes, I recently experienced this as well... using http seems to work fine for the time being.

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