I have problem with category

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    For a quick & dirty solution, I would create HTML widget and insert into Global header.

    In Appearance -> Custom Javascript, I would add the magic here.
    You can upload the images into Public folder and then create an array in the javascript.

    You can grab the title via the <meta name="title" content="Cat title"> tag and match it up with the images array. This is very manual so every time you change the category name you'll have to change in the javascript code as well. I take it though category name won't change that much when Live.

    I have not tried this yet as It's just in theory.

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    @yariplus I think it only works for issues, not PR's

    edit: works for commits too

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    @Moritz-Friedrich solved it somehow ugly by starting the tests in a "ready" callback. Is there some way to find out whether downloaded code has been fully executed?

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    @baris said:

    You can still use bcrpytjs on raspbian but you would need to lower the bcrpyt_rounds setting from the default 12.

    Yeah, either lower the rounds, or if you don't mind compiling it (npm does it automatically), use bcrypt instead.

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    Well, how did you set up the original website before installing NodeBB? And just out of curiosity, did you install Nginx fresh with NodeBB or Nginx is the Web server that powered the site before you installed NodeBB?