Page loading indicator not smooth

  • When I navigate around the forum, the loading indicator (the thin blue line at the very top of the page that goes from left to right) momentarily gets stuck ~3/4 along. It's smooth up until that point and after that point. This seems to be the same on whatever page I'm looking at

    Anyone else seeing the same?

  • On 2nd thoughts, I think it supposed to work like that?

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    Yep, it's supposed to work like that. It's not really indicative of anything, because we can't really tell how far along a page is when requesting it from the server, so we animate the progress bar to a certain point, and move it to 100% when ready.

    A bit of an underhanded trick, but it works amazingly to make it look like NodeBB is:

    1. Doing something
    2. Incredibly fast.

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