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  • Is it possible to install NodeBB without SSH and install it on shared hosting instead where SSH is not accessible?

  • @Archeon No it's not posible. You have to run npm install command from terminal, so you must have access to terminal.

  • Will there ever be a possibility to install it like that, kind of like Xenforo setup? I would really like this in the future.

  • Given the nature of NodeBB as a Node.js app, we'll have to rely on hosting providers to step up and provide first-class Node.js support for their customers.

    It's not there yet, but it's only a matter of time 🙂

  • I'm really hoping that one day this can be possible. I'm sitting on a SMF forum with PHP, Java, JQuery and MySQL and I would love to start learning Node.JS and developing the site around Node.JS.

  • @GreenKi said:

    I'm sitting on a SMF forum with PHP, Java, JQuery and MySQL.

    As was I. Then I found out that chair only had 3 wonky legs, so I bought a leather sofa. Digital Ocean starts at $5 a month and is plenty for most forums. Plus there's an exporter for posts and topics.

  • @Archeon just out of genuine curiosity but, how do you intend to (re)start and debug without access to the command line? Also installing it in the first place would pose a problem, tweaking and fixing packages would be although - arguably, one can do that locally as well. Somehow I get the impression you don't rely on the cli much in your desktop/laptop/development environment. Although theoretically, you'd be able to install a few things without cli and manage instances (e.g. for mongo, some redis host), the instances I had to debug/fix some plugin or other failure (since that is what Node does best, crash often and hard) far, far exceed any where I could deal with a plain NodeBB admin reload/restart (usually those are just configuration changes). I'm having a hard time imagining a pure GUI-based way, at least the foreseeable future anyway, which is not to say it is impossible 🙂

  • @supersym Good point there, just, I don't know how Xenforo does it 😛

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