Problem after upgrading to 0.9.0 from 0.6.1

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  • I wake up this morning and the forum is down. I tried restarting nodebb and redis but not working (empty forum, like the DB was flushed), if you have any idea.. Thanks

    Problem 1:
    Something happened to the database, it's 18 bytes and should be 2MB. will restore.
    What can be the cause of this?
    See this screenshot

    Seems like it's a redis problem, I checked nodebb log and it shows no error?
    13/11 20:26 [13389] - info: [plugins/spam-be-gone] Settings loaded
    13/11 20:26 [13389] - info: NodeBB Ready
    13/11 20:26 [13389] - info: NodeBB is now listening on:
    13/11 20:41 [13389] - error: unable to delete picture /tmp/aOdBTz7R-a80LYNmVMmxtXgU.jpeg
    14/11 11:33 [13389] - info: [emailer.postmark] Sent welcome email to uid 1
    this is the restart I manually did this morning :
    14/11 13:02 [13389] - info: [app] Shutdown (SIGTERM/SIGINT) Initialised.

    Problem 2:
    I restored the dump.rdb I saved yesterday (thank god)
    and having some issue at the moment, like this show up in the top bar when I click on a topic and hit BACK in the browser:

  • Someone went into your Redis database and flushed the data.

    Please secure your Redis database!

    Use Redis AUTH to require a password for access. Use ufw to limit access to the forum to yourself. Change redis config to only bind to

  • Hey Julian,

    How can you be sure someone flushed the data?
    I added log support to redis, so if it happens again, I will check the log to see what happened.

    Redis-server should only be accessible from the server, and it's a VPS (only I have access).
    Looks more like redis overwrited dump.rdb with some kind of bug, will investigate..
    Here is my redis.conf

  • Seems you are right

    By default Redis listens for connections from all the network interfaces
    available on the server. It is possible to listen to just one or multiple
    interfaces using the "bind" configuration directive, followed by one or
    more IP addresses.


    can't believe it's open to everyone by default? hmmm

  • Redis now secured.. I should have read that before, thanks I had backup!

    Problem 2 still exists, if you ever experimented that before
    Basically, just reading any post and hitting the BACK button in the browser, minor bug for now.

    Seems to be related with :

  • Should I open an issue on github for this?
    I have been browsing the issue list but haven't seen this one.
    Looking for a way to help you fix it, let me know if I can do anything, I checked with developer mode on chrome but no error shows.

  • Exactly my issue, good to see there is a fix, will wait for 0.9.1

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