[nodebb-plugin-blog-comments] Access-Control-Allow-Origin issue

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  • am having this issue with a lighttpd reverse proxyed forum and my blog

    (index):1 XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://forum.domain.com/comments/get/114/0. The 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header contains multiple values ', undefined', but only one is allowed. Origin 'http://domain.com' is therefore not allowed access.

    lighttpd conf
    $HTTP["host"] == "forum.domain.com" { proxy.server = ( "" => ( ( "host" => "", "port" => "4567" ) ) ) }

  • Post the blog comments config from ACP please?

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    What the title says: which would be the simplest plugin to start learning from?

    What I'm trying to accomplish is to create a MongoDB collection where to store some information, then execute all CRUD operations.

    LE: this should've been posted in plugins category.

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    If reputation isn't increasing that's one issue, but if it's always showing the users as a guest, that's a different issue. "Guest" users will not get reputation because there's no user account.

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    The logged in user should be app.user.uid, if you are visiting a user, the id should be ajaxify.data.theirid

    Here's a small script for you.

    <span id="myid" style="display:none;">My uid: </span> <span id="theirid" style="display:none;">Their uid: </span> <script> if (app.user.uid) { $('#myid').append(app.user.uid) $('#myid').show() } if (ajaxify.data.theirid) { $('#theirid').append(ajaxify.data.theirid) $('#theirid').show() } </script>
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    Thank you @phenomlab

    No, I did not - The only thing I did was run npm install nodebb-plugin-poll. What's ACP and How do I enable the plugin in the ACP?

    Thank you!

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    How about a plugin to prune unverified registrations after X number, or should this be Core?