Lost all my data ? Help please

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    A lot of pain could probably be removed by setting up docker containers in a composition. I'm still working out the details of how docker even works though so I'm speaking purely in theoretical terms.

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    "User does not exist"

    again. loading from snapshot 😞

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    Funny, Digital Ocean has a 3 part series (pub 2014) to help set up your Ubuntu server and includes MOST of the basic sec advice given here. Disabling root, creating additional users, secure key access, ufw; covers all that.

    Furthermore, they have several Redis and MongoDB set-up articles that shows one how to secure their setup... So the docs can simply point to those instead of repeating it internally.

  • I know this is rather old but just wanted to share that we suffered a similar issue on our dev forum this morning.
    Turns out it was due to our redis cache running out of memory and crashing.

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