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    I installed nodebb and it works great with the persona theme, when I try installing it with other themes (even default ones), most or all of the css just does not load.

    This is what shows up with oxide Screenshot 2022-07-29 221632.png
    and lavender (default)

    I tried looking for the css file with ctrl+u, and for lavender

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/assets/client.css?v=b8eg2pvnjhs" />

    takes me to a not found page.
    Oddly enough, the client.css shows valid for the oxide theme, but I still dont think its all the css for the theme

    For context I am running nodebb v2.2.5 using docker
    my routing also uses docker on a seperate container

  • How to upgrade 1.17.o?

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    @pitaj You are right, git checkout version and nodejs downgrade did the trick.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Finally made it from v0.6.0 to v1.4.1

    This was my upgrade route (hosted on DigitalOcean and with a mongo database - shell 2.6.7, node v0.10.38)

    *v0.6 to v0.6.1 git fetch git reset --hard origin/v0.6.x git describe --tags ./nodebb upgrade *v0.6.1 to v0.7.0 git checkout v0.7.0 ./nodebb upgrade npm install touch npm install minimist npm install colors *v0.7.0 to v0.7.3 git reset --hard origin/v0.7.x git describe --tags ./nodebb upgrade node app --upgrade *install nvm curl | bash *Restart terminal nvm install v0.10.39 * Change index.js in /root/"yourfoldername"/node_modules/connect-mongo from *module.exports = require('./src'); *to *module.exports = require('connect-mongo/es5'); *edit /etc/mongod.conf, to uncomment auth = true line service mongod restart mongo use admin db.createUser({user: "adminname", pwd: "yourpassword", roles: ["readWrite"]}) use *name of the db where nodebb is installed* db.updateUser( "adminname", { roles : [ { role : "dbAdmin", db : "*name of the db where nodebb is installed*" }, { role : "readWrite", db : "*name of the db where nodebb is installed*" } ] } ) ./nodebb upgrade ./nodebb start ./nodebb stop *v0.7.3 to v0.8.x git checkout v0.8.x git pull ./nodebb upgrade ./nodebb start ./nodebb stop *v0.8.2 to v0.9.x git checkout v0.9.x git pull ./nodebb upgrade ./nodebb start ./nodebb stop *v0.9.4 to v1.4.1 git checkout v1.x.x git pull nvm install v6.2.1 nvm use v6.2.1 ./nodebb upgrade *edit /etc/mongod.conf, to uncomment noauth=true line

    This should help to avoid any issue with mmmagic, kerberos, bluebird and the key_1_value_-1 already exist error.

    Et voilà !

    Thanks again for your help Julian !

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    Nope i deleted the corrupted install, the only thing i have is the content of my output.log which i posted earlier.

    There was this error :

    TypeError: Parameter 'url' must be a string, not undefined

    this error was repeating itself 3 or 4 times then the server crashed.

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    @pichalite thanks for looking at this. I'll open up an issue then.