• Point 10 is a hard one to guess:

    1. Add the following two packages to the dependencies section of your package.json:

    "dependencies": {
    "redis": "~0.10.1",
    "connect-redis": "~2.0.0"
    "devDependencies": {

    I don't use redis, but mongo.

  • Admin

    Once you've gotten the right deps set up (ex. MongoDB or redis, etc)

    ./nodebb setup should get you on your way. As mentioned previously paste your logs if it doesn't go as expected

  • Point 9 was "node app --setup", did I do wrong in trusting that?

  • Admin

    Sorry, posting on mobile (perhaps I should write an alert that tells the user a new post has been created... It works on desktop, not on mobile yet)

    Can you post the step by step log I mentioned earlier?

  • I'm at point 10, and got the above cited errors from point 9 on the list.

    I'm wondering what to write in step 10, as obviously I can't follow the manual and enter redis stuff.

  • Admin

    Yeah I guess you're running into uncharted territory. The guide is for redis not mongo. I might clear some time next week to figure it out (if you're patient enough to wait) and write a new guide.

    The other option is to contact heroku and ask, I know that they're pretty responsive on helping nbb installs.

  • Skipping Step 10 as I don't know what to write there. Proceeding with 12, 13 etc. Crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

  • @psychobunny said:

    (if you're patient enough to wait)

    TBH, I was hoping to get it done in 24 hours with no sleep.

  • @reid said:

    You seem to be taking a very negative stance on NodeBB based on your inability to install it.

    My first impression is that it IS impossible to install it. Most people would probably have resigned after 12–18 hours of not getting it to work. First impressions matter. I guess most OSX users wouldn't be able to change their drive to a different OSX version either, as according to the instructions ONLY Mavericks macs can install this forum (within the OSX family).

    I'd say I've been very, very patient and enduring.

  • Admin

    @meh said:

    @psychobunny said:

    (if you're patient enough to wait)

    TBH, I was hoping to get it done in 24 hours with no sleep.

    It's doable so up to you if you value sleep 😛 if you figure it out it would be great if you'd write / edit the heroku guide

  • I'll see what I can do. In any case, I could perhaps provide some input to your upcoming OSX / Heroku / Mongolab chapter 🙂

    Edit: My final input for your OSX install guide is in the top post. I would advice to make the installation meant for the Cloud platform independent of the user's choice of computer. He wants to use this thing in the cloud, simple as that, and not at home on his little machine.

  • Everything about the Mongo DB files and settings are still very unclear. Plus there are no hints as to what to do or try, just faffing about and hoping for the best. I don't even have a mongodb.conf file anywhere on my computer. Maybe stretching into the 36 hours straight.


    "mongo": "~0.10.1",
    "connect-mongo": "~2.0.0"

    to package.json, but I have no idea what I'm doing or why that would work.

  • Guess it didn't like that Mongo version number guestimate?

    npm ERR! No compatible version found: connect-mongo@~2.0.0

  • npm install

    Just adding packages to package.json doesn't install them.

  • Community Rep


    "mongodb": "~2.0.0",
    "connect-mongo": "~0.8.2"

  • Think 'mongo' and 'meh' pretty much sums it up, for me, anyhow!

    Happy using bbPress for my needs 🎯

  • I just came to this forum looking for my heroku + node + mongo deployment. I wouldnt be using redis for anything. Now, the thing to start with is "where do I provide the mongodb server info to create a connection and how would that info be read by the mongodb client?" By adding mongo version entries in the package.json, it would install the node_modules for mongodb, but to be able to connect to a running mongo server is the issue I am facing

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    You should create a new topic.

    What local OS are you using?

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